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How my time at Salford Business Scool has prepared me for a career in Digital Marketing

Hi, I am Jason Dendrinos, I am a 21-year-old

student and I study at the University of Salford in Manchester. I have been studying Marketing and now I am in my final year. In the university I have had the opportunity to get into various subjects regarding traditional marketing and digital marketing and get basic knowledge and understanding of what marketing is, how it works and how it affects people and our lives.

Currently I am looking for a job in a company to work there as a marketing assistant. The university has prepared me well for this as I was educated by doing assignments for different subjects. This taught me how to face problems, how to search for information and use tools that will enable me to solve them.

The way Salford Business School instructs students is that it gives them the basics about a subject and then lets students learn about it, by themselves, by giving them the resources needed. This reflects real life and enables students to get involved and learn more about the subject. Therefore, by doing such assignments, regarding business plans, marketing strategies, creation of websites, understanding of the law in business, market research, or even Hotel simulations, I have learned about the importance of having excellent communication skills, how to better manage social media, how to conduct a proper marketing strategy, and how crucial teamwork is. Also, through all these various subjects and assignments regarding marketing, I have developed excellent organization and planning skills which is a very important aspect of marketing as its foundations are based on those two elements.

Therefore, the University is not only about getting educated, but also a great place for making new friends and potential future partners for upcoming business and projects. Here in the Business School of Salford I have met some good people who have supported me as I did, and I believe those relations one day might come in handy. My engagement with other students during assignments that we had to accomplish has enabled me to cooperate with effectiveness and efficiency and this is what matters most in business. Because it is the people around you that will help you accomplish your goals and Salford has done a wonderful job at getting us together, working as a team and promoting our job, which has helped me a lot to improve my PR skills.

Moreover, the contribution of school to informing and giving us access to opportunities for jobs, projects and other important activities has been a privilege. Finally, the university due to Covid-19 outbreak gave me the opportunity to see how a world, that everything will be remote, is going to be and how I am going to adapt to it. That is because our classes went online and with the use of the right tools and the help of tutors I managed to adapt to a new way of working, where everything had to be done through a computer. I think working from my computer while being at home gave me much more freedom and time and made me understand the dynamic of the digital era. For this reason, I intend to create a much stronger online brand for the promotion of myself to potential recruiters, as a person that wants to develop his marketing experience and enter the marketing industry. Although I do not have any previous experience from companies, I do have experience in managing restaurants as my family owns two. Through all these years that I have been working as a waiter and manager in restaurants, I have developed skills such as the ones required and I think this will help me a lot when I will start work in a company.

To conclude I believe that my time at Salford Business School was very productive and taught me many things and skills that I will need for my future career. A university is not about teaching you everything, it is about giving you the resources and helping you learn about a subject. In the University of Salford, I was taught exactly this and now I am ready to use this knowledge to enter the real industry and make a career in digital marketing. Of course, this is not the end, I believe, that you always have to learn new things, especially today that we live in a superfast-changing environment. Hence, after my graduation I will join to various seminars to learn more about marketing and its latest trends so that I manage to become a better marketer.

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